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Enhanced HTML5 Drives NetBeans 7.4

Oracle has announced the NetBeans IDE 7.4 release with an eye on programmers who are seeking to build what the firm marks out as "advanced user interfaces" based on newer technologies. This iteration is built with enhanced HTML5 and JavaScript development features — plus it also sports browser integration with existing and new Java Platforms, Enterprise Edition (Java EE), and PHP applications.

In addition, the latest release of NetBeans IDE provides developer support for working with JDK 8 Developer Preview builds.

As readers of Dr. Dobb's will know, NetBeans IDE is a free and open source IDE available for Windows, Mac, Solaris, Oracle Linux, and other Linux distributions. Its central proposition is to work as a route for programmers to create web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications for PHP, C/C++, and the Java and HTML5 platforms.

Cyril Bouteille, vice president of engineering for RewardsPay.com, says his engineers use the NetBeans IDE for Java EE development and the team is positive about support for the latest Java EE specifications such as JAX-RS and CDI annotations together with GlassFish Server Open Source Edition.

"The IDE's extensible Ant-based build mechanism lets us easily orchestrate custom tasks and run builds on headless staging servers. The NetBeans IDE's Java editor features, such as Java hints, have also been helpful in learning of new JDK constructs, as well as identifying potential bugs. We look forward to new additions in NetBeans IDE 7.4 for learning about JDK 8 and the new features for live interactions between Java EE applications and the browser," said Bouteille.

Oracle further details that with the "rich features and extensive range" of tools, templates, and samples provided in NetBeans IDE 7.4, developers have access to first-class and comprehensive support for the newest Java technologies and latest Java enhancements before other IDEs.

Other new features in the NetBeans IDE 7.4 include versioning system enhancements for Subversion, Git, and Mercurial. There is also support for the upcoming features of JDK 8: compact profiles, Lambda expressions (automatically convert anonymous inner classes to Lambda expressions), virtual extension methods, and annotations on Types and Repeating Annotations.

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