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Enterprise-Wide and End-to-End Web App Performance

Web app performance management company Coradiant has rolled out its TrueSight Enterprise Edition product to address the need for an end-to-end and enterprise-wide view of web application performance from the end-user perspective. Putting its freshly released software out to market this week, Coradiant stipulates that complex enterprise web app deployments need instantaneous visibility into how they are interacting with customers that visit a website.

The company says that Coradiant TrueSight Enterprise Edition, which runs on virtual machines for scalability, addresses three crucial vectors associated with scalability and agility within the enterprise:

  • The addition of data centers and other means of application delivery,
  • The increasing amount of traffic to organizations’ websites,
  • The addition of more applications to drive business.

"Despite the complexities associated with applications, companies rely on them to drive their business. However, end-users — the people who rely most heavily on these applications — in most cases couldn't care less about the complexity inside an organization's IT infrastructure or applications," said Milind Govekar, research VP at Gartner. "They care about how that service is performing and if they can quickly and easily navigate through the site to complete a transaction. We've all experienced it; any performance issue can lead to a frustrated end-user and a simple click to another competitor."

Application performance continues to become even more critical for IT operations to manage as IT is becoming a critical infrastructure in ensuring the alignment with business objectives and service level agreements. "Companies rely on web applications to deliver business value, but there is a growing complexity around applications, both how they perform and how they're delivered," said Ali Hedayati, president and COO of Coradiant. "Our experience and understanding of the market and our customers resulted in an innovative approach that provides simplified management of the health and performance of applications regardless of these complexities. We have created a completely scalable software product leveraging the many years of market knowledge and development of our TrueSight solution."

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