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FileMaker 13 Now More Developer Focused

FileMaker has released its eponymously named FileMaker 13 software for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the Web.

The firm's Ryan Rosenberg said that with FileMaker 13, any [software application development] team can quickly create custom solutions that streamline their business processes with minimal design time.

"FileMaker WebDirect is a new HTML5 browser-based technology that allows teams to create and deploy desktop-style solutions in a web browser with no programming skills required," he said.

The new iPad- and iPhone-based solutions support more iOS behaviors including slide controls, popovers, and the ability to scan records using gestures.

"Major improvements to design capabilities include support for shareable custom themes and styles, and the ability to drag and drop data fields onto design layouts," said the company.

There is now more robust security, with AES 256-bit encryption that locks down data on iPad, iPhone, desktop, or server. FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced is used to enable encryption.

The firm says that there are now "dozens of new enhancements for solution developers"; i.e., from the ability to hide or display objects on a screen based on business logic to easier integration with web applications. Simplified server administration here includes a new HTML5 administrative console in FileMaker Server 13 for managing business solutions from anywhere.

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