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FP Complete Launches Free FP Haskell Center

Commercial Haskell software tools company FP Complete has announced a free community edition of FP Haskell Center. This Haskell IDE and deployment platform is web-based with no setup or installation.

Users can create and edit Haskell projects within the IDE, as well as open existing projects directly from Git or the Web.

The IDE offers continuous display of type and error information and type autocompletion, Hoogle and Haddock integration, an easy-to-use build system, easy-to-understand error messages, as well as vetted and stable libraries.

FP Complete founder Aaron Contorer has said, "By offering this free edition, we are giving all developers the opportunity to explore and share the benefits of Haskell, and spread the interest and adoption of Haskell in the process," states Contorer.

For Haskell developers seeking more features like full Git integration, or access to a private repository, users can upgrade their accounts at any time to either the Personal or Professional editions.

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