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Gizmox Releases Professional Version of Visual WebGui

Gizmox has released its Visual WebGui Professional Studio a tool for building enterprise-class rich Internet applications. The new commercial Studio Suite offers full integration with Visual Studio and enterprise grade scalability and redundancy with server extensions. In addition, new enterprise-class services, such as prototyping, consulting, hot-fixes, and more are available to optimize the development experience.

Visual WebGui is an AJAX / Silverlight development framework for RIA development. Visual WebGui is designed to enable the development of business line applications in a WinForms environment and dual deploy to the web as ASP.NET or as a standalone desktop application. With Visual WebGui, if you can develop in Windows you can easily develop for the web without proficient knowledge of ASP.NET, AJAX, or Silverlight. The design-time components interface as they do in their WinForms format since they inherit their object model from the existing WinForms components. Visual WebGui's components become a de-coupled version of the well-known WinForms components allowing for transparent Ajax communication with the patent pending Ajax client. The Visual WebGui client employs javascript, XSL and CSS to deliver application like GUI components that look, feel and behave like their desktop counterparts resulting in rich internet applications that are responsive, scalable, and customizable.

This release provides a flat learning curve for Windows developers who feel more at home programming in Visual Basic, C# and other programs and, Gizmox claims, cut development time up to a proven 90%. Visual WebGui also allows for the migration of legacy desktop applications to the web and the ability to upgrade existing ASP.NET, DNN and Sharepoint applications without rewrites. This program allows for the creation a true desktop experience on the web, optimizing AJAX and Silverlight for users who are not as familiar developing in these programs.

The professional version includes the Visual WebGui runtime platform that enables desktop-like responsiveness and heavy-lifting abilities and allows multiple presentation layers generated from the same source code. This enables users to create customized applications, in DHTML or a rich, customer facing Silverlight UI using the same code base. It also contributes to a significant cut in development cycles for both DHTML and Silverlight with its Windows Forms-like drag-and-drop designer, complete integration into Visual Studio and ASP.NET, complete Windows Forms Controls toolkit, third party controls wrapper wizard and more. This enables the leverage of existing staff, skills, software assets, and infrastructure.

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