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Has HP Played Enyo Into Google's Hands?

This year's publication of the Enyo source code by HP may still have wider implications for the future of this underlying JavaScript framework of the webOS platform.

HP put the code on GitHub under a permissive Apache license at the start of 2012 in what was intended to be an initial step towards a wider opening up of the total webOS environment.

Reports now suggest that a good portion of the Enyo development team may be on the way to roles within Google, including project lead Matt McNulty. What is less clear now is a) exactly how Google will integrate these employees if these increasingly widespread reports prove to be true and b) exactly how this will impact the future development of webOS.

These uncertainties (arguably) only further compound the indecision surrounding webOS, despite HP's continued assurances that the technology's roadmap is on track.

Despite these misgivings, software application development industry commentators remain comparatively open minded and positive as to the potential future usage of webOS. Especially if Google now seeks to use it to build a web runtime for Android as some kind of diverged development away from the platform's Java-based development stack of tools and APIs.

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