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Intel XDK HTML5 Gets More Real (Time)

The Intel XDK HTML5 cross-platform software application development tool suite has been updated. These updates include a method for integrating third-party service APIs (including ones that enable in-app purchases), more methods of customization, and real-time live editing.

This HTML5 web-focused developer proposition is of course directly angled as a mobile proposition. There are backend authentication services to create more content rich, interactive apps.

Developers now have the option of adding "hundreds" of open source Cordova plug-ins, including Apple In-App Purchase, Google In-App Billing, Google AdMob, Google Maps, Facebook, and proprietary plug-ins.

Developers can build cross-platform apps for many app stores and web platforms. Intel's XDK is built on web technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node-Webkit backend. The tools suite can be hosted on Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu Linux.

Multiple UI frameworks and APIs are supported here: jQuery Mobile, App Framework, Twitter Bootstrap, and Topcoat.

In terms of web services and plug-ins for content-rich interactive apps , Intel calls out the ability to easily add web services such as datafeeds and backend data stores, and engage with authentication from a number of providers.

The Intel XDK is available as a free download for Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu Linux.

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