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Ixxus Launches Social Content Platform For Web Developers

Ixxus has this month announced the launch of its Social Content Platform product for web developers using the Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. This development ranks Ixxus as the first company to develop a specific module for managing and creating social content across the Alfresco platform.  

The Ixxus Social Content Platform features integration with existing social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn — meaning that Web developers can create a central repository based on Alfresco for managing both their traditional, and now, social content, too.

The commercial theory here being that through being able to disseminate and access information quickly and in a consistent manner via a single platform, organizations can use the Web to improve both brand awareness and customer loyalty, as well as create revenue opportunities.

Speaking exclusively to Dr. Dobb's Journal to provide a little more programmer-centric color to this announcement, Ixxus consultant Charlie Halford explained that the architecture of the Social Content Platform allows rapid extension — and also enables Alfresco developers to make immediate use of the social data.

"There's no social-specific silo of the information we pull in, everything is treated as a common Alfresco object, ready to be used in whatever application a Web developer requires," said Halford.  

"The Web script framework of Alfresco has also allowed us to develop a number of Web services that are very useful in querying, retrieving, and creating the information that we store and collate. In addition, we have developed an intelligent scheduling solution that allows users to control when a piece of content goes out — and just as importantly in the social world, how often the data about it comes back in. Again, this is very simple to use and integrate.  

"Finally, for social networks not yet supported (or without public APIs), we have a query, retrieval, and transformation service that allows new connectors to be added with ease. For example, if you want your obscurely coded video content to stay in its original format, but to be converted on-the-fly to Vimeo when you publish it, the Social Content Platform is happy to handle custom transformers and publishers," added Halford.

Alfresco is a global open source ECM provider with nearly 2,000 customers in 55 countries.

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