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Ludei's HTML5 "PhoneGap Killer"

HTML5 maverick outfit Ludei has introduced an update to its CocoonJS platform, which claims to deliver 10 times the speed and performance of Adobe's PhoneGap. Positioned as "the first true PhoneGap alternative" for the developer marketplace, the company is bullish enough to suggest that the HTML5 versus Native debate is over.

The company says it has helped more than 20,000 game developers publish HTML5 on iOS, Android, and Amazon (and other platforms), with "native-like" performance and features.

"Performance in HTML5 is no longer a problem for developers," said Eneko Knorr, founder and CEO, Ludei. "Ludei's proprietary acceleration technology enables HTML5 apps and games to run at 60 frames per second on every mobile device. Now, finally, HTML5 is ready for cross platform app development."

Knorr aggressively asserts that thousands of HTML5 app developers have been using Adobe's PhoneGap and (as he puts it) have been "locked into a system" that requires considerable developer compromises in performance.

Ludei says that it also solves the challenge to run WebGL content on iOS devices. It does this by allowing WebGL developers to publish apps and games featuring the 3D content demanded by consumers, using WebGL.

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