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Netbiscuits Bakes Touch-Enabled Web Mobile Apps

Netbiscuits has refined its web developer offering with new technology focused on touch-enabled web mobile apps. The cloud-based Netbiscuits platform and tools are designed for creating web applications with features that can be customized to each device.

New feature enhancements include an application management API for integration to the Netbiscuits cloud platform for programmers to develop against. There are also test and monitoring tools that the company calls out as "enterprise-grade" security controls.

Other developments include: Netbiscuits Accelerated, a new platform feature that integrates with Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers to reduce load times by up to 50% so users can access complex rich media quickly on their web apps and sites across diverse mobile devices; Netbiscuits Livebridge, for securing mobile sites in real time from behind the firewall; and an updated set of IDE plug-ins for building web interfaces across multiple platforms.

Netbiscuits has also included new "adaptive web development" pre-programmed features and device functionality in XML, HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 to accelerate web design with new features including extended touch functionality, rich media ad templates, integration with social networks, multi-touch maps, and offline applications.

"We are seeing increasing demand from our customers to go mobile with their websites, both Internet and Intranet as BYOD (bring your own device) becomes a major enterprise requirement. Our latest solutions demonstrate our commitment to ensuring our customers can meet the needs of their ever more demanding users faster, easier, and more securely," said Michael Neidhoefer, CEO at Netbiscuits.

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