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Nokia Announces Programming Contest Winners

Nokia has announced the winners of its Forum Nokia 2009 Calling All Innovators contest, a mobile developer competition designed to generate applications and solutions that enhance the use of Nokia mobile devices in real-world scenarios. More than 1,700 submissions were received from developers.

"The competition was fierce this year and the winners exemplify the future of apps and the future of Ovi Store, " said Purnima Kochikar, vice president, Forum Nokia. "We look forward to working with the developer and publisher community in providing the best mobile applications to consumers around the world."

The total cash and prizes for the 2009 Calling All Innovators contest exceed $250,000 USD. The top three submissions in each category will receive a cash award, and prizes that include premium placement featuring the winning application in Nokia's Ovi Store and the opportunity to demo their winning apps at Nokia World.

The 2009 Calling All Innovators Grand Prize Winners are:

  • Internet Innovation

  • Flash

    • Reuters Slideshow from Tui Interactive Media combines Flash and WRT widget functionality to deliver a constantly updated feed of pictures and news.

  • Emerging Markets and Mobile Necessities

    • Mobile Credit Card Terminal from 2C2P gives business owners the ability to charge a credit card/debit card, and to manage transactions securely.

  • Apps on Maps

    • Winners in this category will be announced on September 3. The winner in this category submitted a new idea to harness the power of location-aware services using Ovi Maps on Nokia devices.

The judging panel also presented a Special Recognition Award for Innovation and a cash prize of $10,000 USD to the application MoBots (submitted by DEIMOS Space), a tool designed to let anyone develop practical applications for use on their mobile phone with only a few simple steps.

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