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Prizm Content Connect v8.4

Accusoft has released the Prizm Content Connect v8.4 document viewer. Said to be scalable to environments of any size, this tool enables users on almost any system or device (including mobile devices) to view hundreds of different file formats through a browser.

Arguably most interesting among the enhancements in version 8.4 is a new API for the HTML5 document viewer, enabling developers to integrate the viewer into their web applications by responding to newly exposed events, and to customize the viewer's appearance, with a few lines of code.

Also featured here is improved processing of medical DICOM images to enhance applications for eDiscovery, such as in areas like medical recordkeeping (EHR, EMR).

The viewer's collaboration facilities present the user with a menu of annotations made to a document, and drawings from all AutoCAD versions through 2014 are now displayable by the viewer.

Prizm Content Connect enables viewing and collaboration for hundreds of file types (including Microsoft Office files, PDFs, CAD files, and email messages) through a consistent viewer that requires no software installations on user devices.

According to Accusoft, "The versatile server component is scalable for environments of any size or platform, integrates easily with any programming language, and features a web API conforming to the Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture that has been optimized to deliver lightning-quick response times. A version of the viewer customized for integration with SharePoint 2013 is also available."

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