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Recording iPhone Audio

Responding to AVAudioRecorder Events

Like many API classes, AVAudioRecorder sends messages to a delegate. To respond to delegate actions from the AVAudioRecorder, your class must implement the AVAudioRecorderDelegate. Table 3 describes the methods that can be implemented.

Method Description
-(void)audioRecorderDidFinishRecording:(AVAudioRecorder *)recorder successfully:(BOOL)flag Called when the recorder finishes recording. This method will get passed a reference to the recorder and a bool value that is YES if it was successful.
-(void)audioRecorderEncodeErrorDidOccur:(AVAudioRecorder *)recordererror:(NSError *)error Called when an error occurred during recording.
-(void)audioRecorderBeginInterruption:(AVAudioRecorder *)recorder Called when the recording is interrupted. The most common interruption would be when the user gets an incoming call while recording.
-(void)audioRecorderEndInterruption:(AVAudioRecorder *)recorder Called when the interruption ends. An example of this would be the using pressing ignore to an incoming call.
Table 3: AVAudioRecorderDelegate methods

As with most delegate classes, it is important to implement all of these methods in your class. This will ensure that your application will respond correctly in any circumstance.

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