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SAP Introduces Business Analytics at SAP EcoHub

SAP has launched a new business analytics website called "Business Analytics at SAP EcoHub" featuring product information from the company itself and its partners.

Despite the arguably grandiose naming and positioning of this resource, it does appear to be quite simply just a website — although that said, it does feature a community environment element that allows customers to rate product and service offerings and help each other understand each offering’s key benefits.

Described in somewhat partisan terms as a "trusted network," the SAP EcoHub is intended to be an intuitive starting point for customers looking to address some of the more common data-analytics questions. Customers can search through more than 100 offerings and evaluate product demos and trials to help them assess the appropriateness of solutions to their business needs.

SAP is saying that for what it numbers as "thousands of partners," this represents an opportunity to expand awareness of their offerings and differentiation in a community of more than 105,000 SAP customers.

"This will be a premier analytics site for thousands of partners and millions of subscribers, acting as a resource for customers and prospects to test our solutions via free trial, consume our solutions via a subscription model, download mobile analytic solutions and share information such as a reports by line of business via SAP EcoHub," said Sanjay Poonen, executive vice president and general manager for analytics, line-of-business, and industry solutions at SAP. "By leveraging our analytic products, the strength of our ecosystem, and the extensiveness of our subscriber network, we are creating a great resource with easy access to all the solutions, guidance, and expertise companies need to understand and choose from the best business analytic solutions on the market. This is a game-changing approach to delivering analytics to everybody."

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