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Syncfusion Updates Essential Studio Tool Suite

Syncfusion has released Essential Studio 2010 Volume 1 which supports Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft .NET 4.0. Key new features and updates in Syncfusion Essential Studio 2010 Volume 1 Essential Studio 2010 Volume 1 includes many feature enhancements to the User Interface, Reporting, and Business Intelligence editions that comprise Essential Studio Enterprise Edition.

  • Syncfusion Essential Studio User Interface Edition

    • Developers can now provide the fastest Silverlight and WPF grid on the market, allowing end-users to quickly load and scroll through over 100 million rows of data.
    • A new TileView control for Silverlight and WPF enables developers to easily create business dashboards.
    • The Silverlight and WPF Grids have been greatly enhanced with better support for formulas and exporting data to a Microsoft Excel format.
    • The ASP.NET MVC Grid, Tools, and Chart controls have been updated to support the release of ASP.NET MVC 2.0.

  • Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition

    • Developers can now access Oracle data sources to build business intelligence applications for end-users.
    • Enhanced filtering options provide more granular control and eliminate outliers. End-users can now pull data based on multiple dimensions, including named sets, which allows data analysts to narrowly focus on information that has already been grouped into categories, e.g., if someone wants to run a sales report, he or she can call out data by country, revenue, and type of product sold.
    • With new stacked bars and stacked columns, end-users can view a subject's overall or individual performance -- the big picture or the small details.

  • Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition

    • New enhancements make Syncfusion's tools the only ones on the market that can produce native Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, and Microsoft Word reports in Silverlight.
    • Developers can empower end-users to make custom changes to reports on their own, greatly freeing up a developer's time.
    • Support for protecting charts present in the worksheet and for Microsoft Word document to PDF conversion have been enhanced.

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