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TWAIN SDK With Sandboxing Is An Interesting Name

Dynamsoft's web TWAIN 9.0 SDK now includes a sandbox mechanism for separating scanning devices from browsers for additional security.

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The new SDK can be used by developers to build image-scanning applications supporting the firm's own Sandbox product. This means that browser-based image-scanning apps can be securely separated from the scanning device itself.

This new SDK also supports multi-threaded image uploading and downloading, which has particular use for large documents like multi-page TIFF or PDF files.

Dynamsoft has a technology heritage as a developer of scanner programming libraries and Image Capture SDKs. As such, the firm says that Dynamic Web TWAIN 9.0 is optimized for web applications. The provided TWAIN interface allows developers to write just a couple of lines of code — and this is instead of taking months to learn the TWAIN standard and develop an application with hundreds to thousands of lines of code.

The use of Sandbox also provides communication with compliant devices such as TWAIN-compatible scanners, digital cameras, or capture cards.

The SDK has built-in support for local image editing and saving options to a variety of formats. Documents can be saved to local or remote databases or other repositories. Dynamic Web TWAIN 9.0 supports 32-bit / 64-bit Internet Explorer), Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera browsers.

Dynamic Web TWAIN 9.0 has an improved user experience for application providers, developers, and end users. The installation and deployment process has also been simplified. Developers need only copy the related files to their web server. Once installed and ready to use, Dynamsoft insists that end users will "find it easier" compared to previous versions to activate image scanning features.

"Our new SDK is ideal for programmers in greatly simplifying and expediting development to deploy image scanning and document management for browser-based web apps," said Amy Gu, Vice President of Dynamsoft. "R&D managers and CIOs benefit from quicker deployment by enabling greater productivity sooner. Dynamic Web TWAIN 9.0 delivers great compliance with TWAIN devices, eliminating worry about device types of end users. It's secure and efficient at image uploading, downloading, and management."

 TWAIN SDK With Sandboxing Is An Interesting Name

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