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Visual WebGui Updated

Gizmox has released free preview version of its Visual WebGui 6.4 software. This version introduces a point-and-click Web design tool that, the company claims, provides a coding-free cycle for the creation of complex, enterprise-grade web applications. The 6.4 Point & Click Web Design Tool integrates with existing design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Expression Blend, Adobe Flash CS, and more, and lets UI designers fully customize their application themes and Visual WebGui's more than 80 out-of-the-box controls.

The Visual WebGui 6.4 Free Preview Version includes:

  • Point & Click, a developer/designer interface that customizes a UI without writing code
  • A visual designer that integrates with existing design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Expression Blend, Adobe Flash CS, and more to enable the most efficient developer and designer collaboration
  • Parameters to customize the UI's look-and-feel
  • Saving and Reusing skins between projects
  • Building controls from scratch
  • The customization of third-party controls and Visual WebGui's out-of-the-box controls
  • Enabling the design capabilities for multiple presentation layers
  • The ability to design in runtime or while disconnected from Microsoft Visual Studio without the need to compile the project
  • Easy management of all project's resources and the integrative capability to edit those resources
  • New scalability extensions for redundancy and mulit-user SaaS/Cloud Computing level

"The Visual WebGui 6.4 preview version is another step toward simplifying and commoditizing complex AJAX Web development," said Gizmox's Navot Peled. "The ease of developing with Visual WebGui combined with the new efficient interface between developers and designers gives Visual WebGui an edge over other RIA development platforms."

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