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WANdisco Ups Volume With "Major Update" For Enterprise Subversion

WANdisco's Apache Subversion services offering has undergone what its makers are calling a "major update" to Subversion MultiSite, the company's replication, mirroring, and clustering tool.

In addition to providing full support for HTTPv2, the company has cooked up a fusion of its own replication technology alongside its load-balancing software to attempt to create an environment capable of ensuring that a central Subversion server is no longer a single point of failure or performance bottleneck.

Subversion MultiSite 4.1 can be implemented standalone or in combination with Subversion Access Control 4.1 for distributed development teams. There is now support for pre-commit, pre-lock, and pre-unlock hooks, which can be assigned on a per-repository basis and configured straight from the admin console.

According to WANdisco, Subversion MultiSite now boasts the ability to create teams and assign team leaders who can manage the users and resources allocated to their particular team. "The LDAP support has also been completely overhauled, bringing a host of improvements such as new functionality for the LDAP authorities assignment screens, and a dedicated log for all access control activity."

Other key updates include an enhanced "Emergency Reconfiguration" procedure that allows any node to be permanently dropped from the replication group, making it far easier to recover from the loss of a node; support for multiple admin accounts, and improved LDAP and SSL integration.

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