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Webcam SDK For Creating Image Capture Web Apps

Vancouver-based version-control specialist Dynamsoft has released its Dynamic Webcam SDK. The new software works to implement webcam online image capture into applications via a browser-based webcam plug-in or with ActiveX.

For developers who haven't been left scratching their heads bemoaning the lack of webcam image capture in their applications, the company says that this function is "essential" in applications used within banking, healthcare/hospitals, government, and the as yet unspecified area of "other industries".

The Dynamic Webcam SDK is compatible with the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of all mainstream browsers. It also supports SSL and Windows, forms and basic authentication for secure image uploading and downloading. Images can be uploaded to a web server or database and it's also possible to capture a snapshot from a video stream.

Dynamsoft says it drew upon its experience in developing Dynamic Web TWAIN software components to develop the SDK. The Dynamic Webcam SDK webcam library is based on the DirectShow API. It works with USB-based video device class (UVC) and WIA compatible webcams. SDK development is possible in ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, PHP, and VB.NET.

"Our new SDK makes it simple for software developers to implement web-based image capturing from a webcam. Applications are possible with just a few lines of source code. This makes it simpler to create online webcam image capture applications suited for their industry," said Amy Gu, VP of Dynamsoft Corp.

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