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When a Language Becomes a Platform

===A sample REBOL application.

	Title: "A Sample Document"
	Author: "Kurt Cagle"
	Date: 12-Jan-2002
	Version: 1.1.2

flash "Fetching image..."
read-thru/to %palms.jpg

content: {A Sample Document

===My Introduction

The ability to create rich wizards via easy to use text is perhaps one of the real advantages 
that REBOL offers. This, for instance, is a modified script from the initial documentation, 
where such elements as headers are indicated by elements such as the characters ===.
These are automatically parsed out by the REBOL engine into control headers.

---Inline Code

You can also introduce inline code into REBOL scripts. For instance, the following line will create a pop-up text message:

   view layout [
		text "This is a sample app!"
		button blue "With a Button"

===A Second Section

Much more information can be contained within one of these documents.


code: text: layo: xview: none

sections: []

layouts: []

space: charset " ^-"
chars: complement charset " ^-^/"

rules: [title some parts]

title: [text-line (title-line: text)]

parts: [
	| "===" section
	| "---" subsect
	| "!" note
	| example
	| paragraph

text-line: [copy text to newline newline]
indented:  [some space thru newline]
paragraph: [copy para some [chars thru newline] (emit txt para)]
note: [copy para some [chars thru newline] (emit-note para)]
example: [
	copy code some [indented | some newline indented]
	(emit-code code)
section: [
	text-line (
		append sections text
		append/only layouts layo: copy page-template
		emit h1 text
	) newline
subsect: [text-line (emit h2 text)]

emit: func ['style data] [repend layo [style data]]

emit-code: func [code] [
	remove back tail code
	repend layo ['code 460x-1 trim/auto code 'show-example]

emit-note: func [code] [
	remove back tail code
	repend layo ['tnt 460x-1 code]

show-example: [
	if xview [xy: xview/offset  unview/only xview]
	xcode: load/all face/text
	if not block? xcode [xcode: reduce [xcode]] ;!!! fix load/all
	if here: select xcode 'layout [xcode: here]
	xview: view/new/offset layout xcode xy

page-template: [
	size 500x480 origin 8x8
	backdrop white
	style code tt black silver bold as-is para [origin: margin: 12x8]
		font [colors: [0.0.0 0.80.0]]
	style tnt txt maroon bold

parse/all detab content rules

show-page: func [i /local blk][
	i: max 1 min length? sections i
	append clear tl/picked pick sections i show tl
	if blk: pick layouts this-page: i [f-box/pane: layout/offset blk 0x0 show f-box]

main: layout [
	h2 title-line return
	space 0
	tl: text-list 160x480 bold black white data sections [
		show-page index? find sections value
	h: at
	f-box: info 500x480
	at h + 456x-24
	across space 4
	arrow left  keycode [up left] [show-page this-page - 1]
	arrow right keycode [down right] [show-page this-page + 1]
	pad -120
	txt form system/script/header/date/date
show-page 1
xy: main/offset + 480x100
view main

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