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Oracle Enhances WebCenter Suite 11g

Oracle has announced enhancements to Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware. The updates incorporate capabilities from Oracle's portfolio of portal products to provide tools to develop and deploy internal and external portals and websites, composite applications, mashups, and social and collaboration services.

Oracle is hoping to garner interest from companies who want to enable the addition of social computing capabilities to their existing business portals. As such, the company says that Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g will assemble composite applications through Oracle’s common user-experience architecture, as well as a broad set of reusable, standards-based components.

In addition, the latest version of Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g engages business users through improved collaboration capabilities, increased personalization features and better information discovery and access within the context of business processes.

"By bringing together the best features from our entire portfolio of Enterprise 2.0 products and providing pre-integration with business applications, Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g delivers a modern user experience platform that is ideal for the information-driven workplace,” said Andy MacMillan, vice president, Product Management, Oracle. “Applications, information and contacts are integrated in a single screen, which makes it faster and easier for people to get their jobs done regardless of where they are in the world."

This release also specifies:

  • Desktop integration with common word processing, spreadsheet, and email applications;
  • Full support for the Content Management Interoperability Standard (CMIS) to enable use of content from multiple repositories and across multiple systems;
  • A broad choice of tools for developers, including an extensive catalog of reusable components.

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