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The Multi-Version Concurrent Database Is Born: NuoDB Blackbirds 2.0

Distributed database technology company NuoDB has released its Blackbirds Release 2.0 offering. The product now offers greater SQL compatibility and more advanced geo-distribution — so as such, the firm has positioned NuoDB as a single logical database that can be deployed in multiple geographies globally.

NuoDB is marked out and has been called "emergent" in some circles by virtue of its ability to allow multiple database nodes to function as one single node entity through its "ingenious" transaction engines and multi-version concurrency control technology.

This multi-version concurrency has been engineered-in to eliminate the problems involved with latency that occurs when trying to create anything resembling a multiple database across multiple regions.

One customer has already used NuoDB for the specific reason that it is architected for the reality of today's global communications requirements, such as low latency and automated redundancy.

"Everything is versioned so there's no specific locking protocol," says NuoDB chief technology officer Seth Proctor. "What we have here is a mechanism for saying when you're trying to do an update — trying to change a version of any object in the system — there is a node mediator."

This mediator takes the cached version of the data and compares it with other caches if need be, then pushes the change through. More often than not, NuoDB says data will tend to have a degree of locality, saving the system from the need to check globally.

"You always have data consistency and availability, but you're not paying a synchronous round-trip cost going across those data centers," Proctor said.

"We needed a single, logical database that could be shared across multiple Amazon AWS servers in different geographies; updated in real-time; and automatically scaled out during peak demand to handle increased traffic, then back in during off peak hours," stated Cameron Weeks, CEO and cofounder of Fathom Voice, the NuoDB customer.

"I'm excited to be partnered with Fathom Voice. [This] application is typical of modern applications: web-scale, distributed, and continuously available. Building a highly concurrent, distributed application that runs in multiple AWS regions requires a distributed database. Customers with those kinds of needs love NuoDB," stated Barry Morris, CEO and cofounder of NuoDB, Inc.

"NuoDB is the most elegant database I've seen in a long time. It has a very powerful and innovative architecture, which demands attention," said Robin Bloor, principal analyst at The Bloor Group.

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