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Jolt Awards

Jolt Product Excellence Award: Change and Configuration Management

When it comes to build and deployment management, FinalBuilder 7 has the last word. With multiple options for running builds, a wide array of components, and user-defined customizable actions, FinalBuilder is a must-have for every change management toolbox.

Builds can be run in the background, or as a real-time GUI, complete with variables, debugging, logging, powerful flow control, automated notifications, and exception handling. Any serious build management application must have the ability to integrate with source control. With support for over a dozen source control providers, FinalBuilder doesn’t disappoint.

While scripts continue to play a part of every build environment, FinalBuilder gives you the flexibility of scripting with a feature-rich GUI that blurs the line between scripting engine and cutting edge development IDE. With over 600 built-in actions, FinalBuilder covers nearly every type of build requirement. On the chance that you need to do something not covered by of the out-of-the-box capabilities, FinalBuilder provides the flexibility to create custom actions to meet you specific needs.

With continuous improvements year after year, FinalBuilder proves itself as a leader in the pursuit of quality and innovation, and provides the features which are essential for every build and deployment implementation. Congratulations to FinalBuilder, our Jolt Product Excellence Award winner in the Change and Configuration Management Tools category.

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