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Jack Woehr

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FIJI Fun - Still Crazy After All These Years

August 31, 2008

In 2001 I posted the last public changes of my ForthIsh Java Interpreter to SourceForge. There was a lot of interest in Java interpreters at that time. FIJI was a pretty good cut but the arcaneness of addressing Java classes in RPN insured a manageably small user community, so to speak.

Jump ahead to this week when PigIron needs some serious automated testing.

We're not talking about write-once unit testing here, these tests have to be customized and parameterized to the testing installation because they create and destroy entities such as virtual images and virtual LANs at the superuser level in very complex environments.


REXX being popular in the mainframe world, BSF4Rexx is the obvious choice for what's going to be months of hand-rolled testing via scripting. As I wrestled with the installation, building Open ObjectRexx for Solaris and compiling and installing BSF4Rexx with tips from author Rony Flatscher, I started musing upon my own sadly neglected Java scripting framework ...

{geshibot}` \ Call the com.softwoehr.pigiron.Main.main() with HOST PORT USERID PASSWORD TARGETID` drop

: set-array ` \ array(array) index(long) object(any class but must be object) -- ` drop
rot java.lang.Object ()
( swap , rot Long>intparam , swap java.lang.Object () ,
java.lang.reflect.Array class set rot ) drop

: compose-pig-args ` \ String String String String String -- String[] ` drop
5 java.lang.String array
5 0 do
dup rot 4 0 index - swap set-array

: pigiron-main ` \ String String String String String -- ret ` drop
compose-pig-args com.softwoehr.pigiron.Main class main rot ( swap , ) ;

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