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Security Software Survey Focuses on User Likes, Dislikes

In a recent survey that focused on consumer' likes and dislikes of current security software, Trend Micro found most people simply put up with the inconvenience of security software out of necessity.

The survey, which included over 600 U.S. respondents who have paid subscriptions to Internet security software, found that among other software programs used at home, security software is most troublesome to consumers. Almost one third of the respondents said they had the most problems with security software over the past year. And while half of the respondents were not able to pick one computer software category that has the worst products, 12 percent of them perceived the computer software category to be most inferior compared to other consumer categories such as gaming, MP3, and video software.

For some respondents, a malware infection that couldn't be resolved led them to take the drastic measure -- 30 percent of them simply have given up and bought a new computer. In addition, among those whose computers have been infected with malware in the last six months, 17 percent reported they had to format the hard disk and reinstall Windows to get rid of the malware.

Consumers' main dislikes about security software included:

  • Customers will experience up to over 40 percent lower memory usage and nearly 50 percent faster boot-up time.
  • With the state aware feature, scans and updates happen only when it's convenient for users -- no inconvenient in-product messages while they are watching a video, conducting a PowerPoint presentation, or playing a computer game.
  • Spam blocking is improved -- regardless of volume, spam gets blocked without adversely affecting computer performance.
  • One-streamlined-installation step.

That said, the majority of respondents agree that security software needs to be installed on their home computers, especially in an Internet-age where cybercrime is targeting both individuals and corporations. 82 percent of respondents said that the best part about security software is that it protects their PCs against malware; 39 percent like the frequent updates their software performs; and only 4 percent found no redeeming value in security software.

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