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… And Now: A Cross-Platform UI For .NET, Too

Hot on the heels of Microsoft's current open source .Net festival is news of Nevron Open Vision for .NET 2014.2, which now features support for Xamarin.Mac and MonoMac.

But what is it? The product is an application development platform based on .NET. It provides a set of "lightweight" UI widgets and "heavy" components to create applications and user interfaces for multiple operating systems from a single code base.

Nevron Open Vision (NOV) is a windowless and stylable user interface suite for programmers to develop applications for WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, MonoMac, and Xamarin.Mac using a single code base. NOV boasts a "complete set" of UI controls that works seamlessly in Windows, RIA, and Mac environments.

So the technology proposition here is that NOV developers don't need to invest the time to learn multiple UI frameworks (WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, Mac, etc.) or limit the deployment scope of their application.

"By learning NOV, the choice of UI framework is no longer relevant as it allows developers to write once and deliver on multiple environments. When we first thought of creating NOV the aim was to create a high-quality UI suite that will mature and grow steadily over time," said Ivo Milanov, CTO at Nevron Software LLC.

"We decided to invest in creating a library that will turn the .NET development around and make it smarter. This is why we spent six years on planning and testing — to now be able to serve the developers with what they have always needed — a tool that will save them time and will help them gain platform independence for their applications. We are very happy to hear that Microsoft has also embraced the concept of cross platform .NET development. This makes us very confident that NOV has a great future as the first and only cross platform UI for .NET."

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