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Extra Controls In Telerik .NET Developer Tool

Telerik has announced its Q3'13 .NET developer tool release with 10 new controls and over 250 new features across the product's UI control suites, development productivity, and data tools.

The company says that its lightweight rendering for AJAX based on HTML5 and CSS3 for RadMenu.

RadGrid's virtualization feature allows users to handle hundreds of thousands of rows while still improving performance.

The new version has analytics functionality in the form of Telerik RadControls for WPF and Silverlight, making this (according to Telerik) the first .NET UI suites on the market to offer analytics. Users can also monitor important application user interactions via integration with Telerik EQATEC Application Analytics.

Reporting functions also feature here and users can deliver business reports to any touch-enabled mobile device by using the new HTML5 Report Viewer.

This is a chance to explore cross-platform development, says the firm. Icenium, Telerik's cloud-based, cross-platform mobile development solution, is now part of DevCraft Ultimate.

"With the brand new Visual Studio extension for Icenium, you can easily create new projects directly in your favorite IDE. If you already have DevCraft Ultimate, you will receive the new addition free of charge," said the company.

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