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Quince = 'User Experience' Guidance

Infragistics has announced the immediate availability of Quince, a free, interactive user experience (UX) patterns catalog and community resource to build user interfaces. Quince, which is built on top of Microsoft's Silverlight technology, is launching with over 90 of the most commonly used UX patterns.

"Quince is about providing more than a 'box of tools' and instead helps developers create an experience that is visually stunning and compelling for the end user," says Infragistics CEO Dean Guida.

In a related announcement, Infragistics announced the immediate availability of NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization 2009 Volume 1. A collection of data visualization-focused user interface (UI) controls, NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization 9.1 is geared towards developers who build information dashboards tracking Key Performance Indicators and Rich Internet Applications that deliver business intelligence

"Given the expected growth and opportunity in the data visualization space, and the arrival of the Microsoft Silverlight platform on which to build highly interactive user interfaces," said Guida, "now is the right time for Infragistics to offer customers a product which meets their specific data visualization needs."

NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization takes maximum advantage of the Silverlight browser plug-in's capabilities to offer developers next-generation resources including:

  • xamWebMap to present end users with business intelligence data in rich and interactive maps featuring advanced functionality such as panning, zooming, mouseover effects and tooltips.
  • xamWebChart to create "islands of richness" in any scene, SharePoint WebPart or legacy ASP.NET application. This stylable Silverlight control supports animation, storyboards, data binding and 28 chart types.
  • xamWebGauge to create highly interactive, high-performance business scorecards and information dashboards using the designability and client-side interactivity.
  • xamWebTimeline enabling users to quickly understand and visualize a sequence of events.
  • xamWebZoombar that plugs into other Silverlight controls -- like the chart or timeline -- to provide an intuitive user interface for dynamically scaling and scrolling an associated control's view of data.

Source code is included in NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization. With access to source code, developers can ensure the integrity of their projects, learn a great deal about writing and structuring Silverlight control code by looking at the source code and customize Silverlight data visualization controls to create new or composite controls.

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