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AccuRev Launches Agile ALM Tool Suite

AccuRev has announced AgileCycle, a fully-integrated Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution incorporating Software Configuration Management, Agile Lifecycle Management, and Build and Release Management. AgileCycle consists of the software development tools AccuRev Enterprise, Rally Enterprise from Rally Development, and AnthillPro, from UrbanCode, delivering a comprehensive Agile suite for scaling and optimizing the Agile software development process.

AgileCycle provides development managers with a toolset to automate the Agile software development lifecycle. AgileCycle offers a single-vendor solution with AccuRev providing comprehensive services across the toolset, including deployment, training and support. This combined solution ensures management visibility of projects, improved team productivity and, claims AccuRev, quicker ROI for scaling Agile development initiatives.

Agile development methods continue to gain ground due to dramatic time and cost savings for companies and their software development organizations. "By 2012, agile development methods will be utilized in 80 percent of all software development projects," according to a recent report by Gartner entitled "Predicts 2010: Agile and Cloud Impact Application Development Directions.

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