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April 21, 2014

Antagonism and Agile

Though Robert Martin thinks that he's rebutting my post, I find myself violently agreeing with many of (though not his main) points, so it seems like a little clarification is in order.

March 31, 2014

Java SE 8 Beyond Lambdas: The Big Picture

In addition to Lambdas, Java 8 features changes to the way annotations are handled, array processing, VM size, garbage collection, and so much more.

March 14, 2014

The Agile Holocracy

Agile is a culture, not a set of practices. It is upper management's job to establish that culture, and then let it work. A holocratic organization is one of the better ways to do that.


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Farewell, Devil's Advocate

One of the finest writers and certainly the brightest wit in all of programming left a remarkable legacy of insightful, mordant, and densely rich commentary.

Continuous Development: The New Maintenance Reality

The Internet of Things will add so much programmability to devices that keeping software current will become a never-ending task.

Lightweight Virtual Environments in Python 3.4

Customizing Python's virtual environments for projects with conflicting library requirements or different Python versions is now easy in Python 3.3 and 3.4.

Software Estimation: How Misperceptions Mean We Almost Always Get It Wrong

Why are we so woefully poor at estimating software projects?

Android on x86: Java Native Interface and the Android Native Development Kit

JNI and the Android Native Development Kit work together to complete the mapping between Java and C/C++ and enhance performance

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Surviving Developer Decision-Making Hell

Actionable collaboration functionality software with decision-impact visualization

The Purpose of Hackathons

Mike Riley interviews ChallengePost's Brandon Kessler

Transformation For Programmers: ADOPT (Agile DevOps Process Transformation)

Tech Mahindra development platform built on CollabNet TeamForge ALM

Open Build Service Version 2.5 Released

Generic system to build and distribute binary packages from source

TechExcel DevSuite 9.3 ALM

Manage requirements with customization based on project complexity

Master the Mainframe World Championship

College students will spend the month of March entrenched in the Systems of Engagement concept. They will deploy Systems of Record mainframe business applications written with Java and COBOL using DB2 for z/OS APIs.

XebiaLabs: Why Dev Needs DevOps

New versions of XL Deploy and XL Release

Dr. Dobb's Readers Invited to Judge at ISEF 2014

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair will be held this year in Los Angeles and Dr. Dobb's readers are invited to serve as judges on May 13-14.

New Engine For Complex Analytical Apps

MicroStrategy PRIME for large data sets with high user concurrency

Plugging API Power Into Big Data Predictive Analytics

Apigee Acquires InsightsOne

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