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Agile Survey Results Released

VersionOne has released the results of its third annual State of Agile Development 2008 survey.

This survey was conducted and sponsored by VersionOne in June and July 2008, receiving feedback from 3061 participants in 80 countries. Most respondents were Agile team leaders, coaches, or consultants. Most survey participants work in small organizations with fewer than 100 people involved in software development. 17 percent of the companies surveyed have full Agile adoption with Scrum at the head of the list. Iteration planning, unit testing, daily standup, release planning, and continuous integration (CI) have been adopted by more than 66 percent of respondents. Pair programming didn't fare as well, with only 31 percent of those surveyed having adopted it.

According to VersionOne, the goal of the survey was to repot on the status of organizations currently implementing or practicing Agile methods. Survey results are based on those that have practiced Agile methods in some capacity within their organization.

VersionOne will be releasing a more detailed analysis report that will include trending information from the 2006 and 2007 surveys.

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