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Application Performance Insight With Embedded BI

Open source software testing provider PushToTest is embedding JasperReports Server Professional Business Intelligence (BI) software into the next generation of its web application performance management and root cause analysis software, TestMaker 6. This new agreement will give TestMaker users access to more than 10,000 performance charts and mitigation reports that help determine the root cause of performance bottlenecks.

Highlighting the fact that companies today are increasingly dependent on application software to drive revenue and business decisions, Jaspersoft says that resolving downtime and performance issues quickly is critical. Developers are arguably mostly in agreement with the proposal that integrating BI and data analytics into application performance management solutions offers them a deeper level of analysis — as well as more robust testing that drills to the root cause much faster.

According to PushToTest: "Jaspersoft’s business intelligence analytics gives TestMaker improved functionality and gives developers the freedom to investigate and chronicle thousands of performance hurdles … We tried embedding another open source BI reporting and analytics solution, but couldn't make the tools work well together."

"With the integration, PushToTest is bringing BI directly to customers, allowing us to create, deliver and embed interactive reports in a variety of formats for anyone in an organization. Application developers can take advantage of Jaspersoft’s interactive reports to document and test applications during the design, coding, and other lifecycle stages," said PushToTest CEO Frank Cohen.

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