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Architexa V2.5 Visual Code Navigator Hits Freemium

Architexa Inc. has released its eponymously named Architexa V2.5 "code architecture diagram tool" as a freemium release for individuals and teams of up to three developers.

The tools aims to save developer workload time (and enable a deeper understanding of code) by providing a means to visually navigate their code, view class relationships, and generate sequence diagrams.

With Architexa V2.5 developers can view automatically generated layered architectural diagrams made straight from code, in seconds.

The freemium version is fully functional and free for individuals or teams of up to three. A commercial Team edition and Enterprise version (that supports custom integration and on-premise servers) are also available.

"At Architexa we have been working very hard to help developers examine code and its architecture," said Dr. Vineet Sinha, president and CTO of Architexa. "Architexa is the first tool suite to enable creation of intuitive diagrams straight from the code, allowing easy control over what goes into diagrams, and the first to easily allow sharing of code concepts with just a single-click."

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