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Bernard Laberge of Avid to talk on parallelism -

November 29, 2009

Another talk coming up - on my favorite subject...
It will be live December 1 (with an opportunity to ask questions), and available "on demand" afterwards... "Real World Parallelism" talk series.
A Quick and Easy Way to Parallelize a Legacy Codebase with Intel® Threading Building Blocks (TBBs) - presented by Avid
Learn how to overcome the limitations of a thread-based scheduler, including dealing with the absence of recursive parallelism support and the inefficient handling of unbalanced processing load. Bernard Laberge addresses how Avid resolved the expensive refactoring of their thread-based scheduler into a task-based solution by choosing Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBBs). He explores how Avid was able to easily integrate the Intel TBBs into their video editor applications and more than 5 million lines of code.
Speaker: Bernard Laberge, Senior Principal Engineer, Avid
Bernard Laberge is a senior principal engineer in the video editors division at Avid. During his seven years with the company he has been actively involved in the replacement of the legacy video processing engines used by Avid editors with a common hardware-abstracted, component-based video processing engine currently running on the CPU with SIMD optimized code, GPU, and dedicated hardware.

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