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Brocade Targets Mid-Market Virtualized Networks

Brocade has announced a new set of application delivery hardware and software aimed at mid-market enterprise customers who are using virtualization and cloud computing.

The company's ServerIron ADX 4000 ASM-4 bundle is an entry-level chassis that is said to provide Layer 4-7 switching performance for on-demand automated data center computing.

"The ASM-4 module enables customers to adopt a 'pay-as-you-grow' investment approach, allowing them to double their throughput and future-proof their application delivery networks without adding hardware or removing the switches from the network," says Brocade's Jason Nolet.

Brocade announced its new line up at the VMworld conference, where VMware was equally upbeat about the news, saying that its partnership with Brocade will help customers tightly integrate networking layers with the VMware platform -- thereby streamlining network management and taking a significant step toward delivering IT as a service.

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