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Building Google Map Mashups in .NET

User Interface Flow

Double clicking on the GeoMapper application brings up Figure 3.

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Figure 3: GeoMapper MashUp Main Window.

To navigate to the directory containing my images, select File --> Images Folder from the drop-down menu. When the Browse for Folder dialog pops up, select the folder containing the images. A thumbnail view of the images will be displayed (Figure 3). Single clicking on any thumbnail image will show the chosen image in the selected image area, with its metadata displayed on its right (Figure 4).

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Figure 4: Image Selection with no embedded GPS location data.

If the selected image does not have any embedded GPS location data, no map is displayed. To add GPS location data to this image, select Images --> Edit Data from the menu. This will bring up a form (Figure 5A).

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Figure 5: Adding GPS location/Artiste Information to Image Metadata.

The default country and country code is currently set to Singapore. Enter the address and postal code and click on the GetGeoCoordinates button. The GPS latitude, longitude in both decimal and sexagesimal will be displayed in the GPS box. The altitude can be obtained by clicking on the Get Altitude button. Artiste information can also be captured by clicking on the Artist Info tab and filling in the artiste information (Figure 5D). To update the image metadata with GPS location and artiste information, the OK button is clicked. A map is now displayed in the embedded browser (Figure 6).

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Figure 6: Map associated with image.

A more detailed view can be seen by clicking on the zoom key (+ circled in red) on the embedded browser (Figure 7). Satellite (Figure 8) and terrain (Figure 9) views can also be shown by clicking on the appropriate buttons (circled in red) in the embedded browser.

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Figure 7: Zoomed Map View.

[Click image to view at full size]
Figure 8: Satellite Map View.

[Click image to view at full size]
Figure 9: Terrain Map View.

When a selected image already contain GPS location data, a map with a location marker will be displayed in the application's embedded browser (Figure 10).

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Figure 10: Image Selection with embedded GPS location data.

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