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CASTing For Participants, Part 2

May 24, 2008

Some months ago I posted about CAST 2008, how it's not your typical conference, how gobs of Smart Testers will be attending, and how you probably should attend too.

The program is up now, and it's a doozy! Jerry Weinberg is presenting the opening keynote and also an all-day tutorial on communication and interaction models. Cem Kaner is keynoting about why testing checklists can be helpful even though test scripts often aren't. Michael Bolton, Jonathan Kohl, Scott Barber, and several other testers will explain parallels they see between testing and music, civil engineering, magic, improv, and labor room triage. And there's more!

Check out the program, then head over to the registration page and let them know you'll be attending. (Note: Early Bird registration ends 31 May 2008, so hurry over if you want to save a bit of money.)

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