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Code Signing

August 04, 2010

Code signing is the process of using cryptographic hashes to digitally sign executables — thereby ensuring the software author is who he says he is, and to further ensure that the code has not been altered, either by accident or otherwise. Yes, a security process, but more than just security. And important, clearly important.

To find out more about code signing, Dr. Dobb's, with Thawte's support, recently put together a special e-zine that examines code signing from a number of different perspectives. Dr. Dobb's Code Signing includes:

  • Java Code Signing by Eric Bruno.
  • Code Signing and Microsoft Authenticode by Joydip Kanjilal.
  • A Q&A on Code Signing with Thawte's Jeff Barto.
  • Making .NET Assemblies Tamper Resistant by Richard Grimes.
  • Code Signing in Adobe AIR by Oliver Goldman.

This e-zine is downloadable here at no charge. You do have to register, however. Please do so. You'll find it worth the extra step.

Don't miss this opportunity. Code signing really is important, no matter what platform you're working on.

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