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Custom Browser Helper Objects (BHOs)

October 13, 2008

Sometimes, there are circumstances in which you need a more or less specialized version of the browser. Sometimes you work around this by developing a completely custom module built on top of the WebBrowser control, complete with buttons, labels, and whatever else the user interface requires. In this case, you're free to add to that browser any new, nonstandard feature you want. But what you actually have is just a new, nonstandard browser.

The WebBrowser control is just the parsing engine of the browser. This means there still remains a number of UI-related tasks for you to do: adding an address bar, toolbar, history, status bar, channels, and favorites, just to name a few. So, to create a custom browser you have to write two types of code: the code that transforms the WebBrowser control into a full-fledged browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer, and the code that implements the new features you want it to support.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a straightforward way to customize Internet Explorer instead? Browser Helper Objects (BHO) do just that.

 So, What are these Browser Helper Objects (BHO)?

Browser Helper Objects are straight forward ways to customize Internet Explorer. They are extremely useful tools to bind local applications or devices to your web application. With the use of BHO (browser helper object) technology, we can develop in-process components (DLL) which Internet Explorer will load (in hidden mode) each time it starts up. These browser helper objects run in the same memory space as the internet explorer and can perform various actions on the browser window. A BHO, when installed gets integrated with the browser's window in hidden mode so the end user doesn't notice any program running. The beauty of a browser helper object is that a new instance of the BHO is created with each new instance of Internet explorer and the BHO instance is destroyed when the browser window is closed. So, they work only when the internet explorer is activated and open. This way, they do not put much pressure on the CPU and memory resources. End user doesn't notice any change in the computer speed.

In which situation can Browser Helper Objects (BHOs be utilized?

Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) can be used in numerous situations such as Contextual Marketing & Advertisement Plugins. Popup Killers, Download Managers, Monitoring user's web surfing habits, Internet usage, market research and recording of shopping activity, providing personalized profiles for customized settings, Developing custom Web browsers, Customizing companion bars. Tool bars and menus in user's web browser, Providing details regarding stocks, exchange rates, weather, sports etc in real time, Providing information on various discount offers and other useful information, Content handling for data with certain Mime types like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Auto form filling applications.

How the program you get to relieve your BHO problem may be one itself?

Many of these Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) are poorly written and done too quickly. This can make them incompatible to the system it is trying to corrupt. This can cause severe damage to a computer. People who make spyware don't care what happens to your computer. They just want to make money by directing your computer to their site. Browser Helper Objects that are not checked for errors can threaten your computer's security and cause system instability. There are many companies that go out of their way to make sure that the BHOs they make are well hidden as they install into your computer. Some are not even recognizable by popular detection tools. They change the BHO regularly so that it will find its way to your computer before the latest version of anti-spyware comes out or is updated. Changing the DLL that runs them disengages them. There are many BHO removers out there. Be careful what you are downloading and from where. The program you get to relieve your BHO problem may be one itself.

About Grey Matter India technologies

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