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Day 2: Trolltech -- Oops, that's -- Qt Developer Days

October 13, 2008

Actually, for me it's Day 1 of the Qt Developer Days Conference in Munich, although in fact its Day 2 of the conference -- Monday involved all-day tutorials, I'm told. However, officially according to Qt Software who is putting on the event, it is still Day 1. See how confusing things can get when you don't speak German, Norwegian, Finnish, or any other of the languages you catach smatterings of at this event.

Day 1 or Day 2, whatever. The day started off as a fashion parade to my way of thinking. Eirik Chambe-End, Trolltech co-founder and Technology Advisor to the now Qt Software gave the offical welcome. Eirik was wearing a suit and tie. He was followed by VP Sebastian Nystrom who wore the suit but not a tie. Sebastian was followed by Forrester Research's Mike Gualtieri who wore a sport jacket, sans tie. I followed Mike and I had on jeans and a dress shirt. And finally, I was followed by Benoit Schillings, Qt Software's CTO, who wore a t-shirt and jeans. In all of that, I was the only one who thought he'd dressed up especially for the event.

My session was on "Concurrency and the Multi-core Revolution" and I did my usual stuttering and stammering for 30 minutes. Which was too bad since Benoit, who gives wonderful  presentations (I could listen to him all day long), planned on tackling more or less the same topic. Alas, Benoit had to make adjustments on-the-fly, but his presentation was still better than mine. I felt bad about usurping Benoit's presentation, but face it -- I'd felt worse if he had spoken before me. That's life on the event circuit.

But I wasn't done wreaking havoc at the event. In the afternoon, I sat in on a Thiago Macieira's session on "Enhancing Your Qt Applications with Multiple Threads" and I learned a lot. However, I also learned that I covered some of the same issues that Thiago planned on covering, and because he didn't want to repeat too much of what I said, his session ran slightly short. Thank goodness for those Q&A sessions at the end.

Still, the highlight of the day for me (and no, I didn't make another trip to Augustiner's) was sitting next to Benoit, who is an amateur astronomer. He showed me a number of photos of some of the telescopes he's built and used to collect some of the astronomy data that he used in his presentation. Moreover, Benoit closed his presentation by using Code_swarm to answer an audience question. Code_swarm , you recall, is a series of videos about the development of open source software. Using dancing light, rings of color, and snappy music, Code_swarm shows the history of commits in software projects such as Python, Eclipse, PostgreSQL, and Apache. What gave me the kick about seeing this is that I'd just recently written about that very project in Dr. Dobb's Journal.  Cool.

And speaking of getting kicked, I suspect any minute for someone to knock at the door and tell me it is time to leave. I hope not, because Eike Ziller has a session on "The Future of Tools" that I'd like to sit in on. In any event, it's been an excellent event, especially since I've had the opportunity to meet some Dr. Dobb's authors and line up some future ones. I'm sorry that I won't be able to attend the North American edition of Qt Developer Days in Redwood City, CA on October 29-30, since I'll be at SD Best Practices conference  in Boston from October 27-30. Hmm, I wonder what kind of trouble I can stir up there? In any event, hope to see you in Boston.

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