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NVIDIA has released Gelato Pro 2.2, a freely downloadable GPU-accelerated rendering software tool. Originally developed to render visual effects and animation, Gelato can be used with 3D software apps that require advanced rendering such as game development, CAD, industrial design, and architecture. Features include subpixel anti aliasing, true displacement, high-quality motion blur, depth of field, support for NURBS, subdivision surfaces, particles, and ray tracing, including global illumination effects and ambient occlusion.

IBM Rational

IBM Rational has announced its Team Concert collaboration software that's designed to enable geographically distributed software delivery teams to work together in an open, real-time, and transparent manner. Team Concert, which is built on IBM's Jazz platform, includes integrated version control, work item and build management capabilities, and automated data gathering, among other features. IBM has also rolled out Requirements Composer designed to reduce rework and review cycles on requirements.


Rally Software Development has announced enhancements to Rally Quality Manager, which helps enterprise pull testing forward and provides teams with a single source of information for software quality throughout the development lifecycle. Among other features, this release lets you manage test coverage across all concurrent projects and schedules, gives the entire team access to failing tests for improved communication, has easier defect recreation and faster resolution, and records a full test result history to monitor feature or system quality trends.


Acumem has released Acumem SlowSpotter, a performance-analysis tool that extracts detailed information from applications running on multicore platforms. Acumem also announced Acumem SpotLite, a free downloadable version of SlowSpotter. SlowSpotter technology is designed to detect and locate the underlying cause of bandwidth-hungry behavior or wasteful cache utilization, two common problems for multicore systems. SlowSpotter and SpotLite are available now for Linux/x86 and Solaris/x86 systems.


Infragistics has released a pair of chart and gauge controls components for Microsoft Silverlight 2. The Chart control includes 28 chart types that cover the most common and challenging business scenarios such as forecasting, trend analysis and reporting. You can style the charts using data templates to give them a professionally designed appearance that impresses as it informs. The Gauge control lets you design dashboard-driven applications and display data in intuitive ways. Infragistics announced the release of its NetAdvantage for .NET 2008 Volume 2, a set of user interface components for Windows Forms and ASP.NET.

Wind River

Wind River Systems and Intel are collaborating to accelerate mobile Internet devices by developing an open, extensible Moblin-based Linux platform. Furthermore, Wind River will introduce a commercial Moblin-based Linux platform specifically optimized for Intel Centrino Atom processor technology-based MIDs. Wind River's Linux Platform for Mobile Internet Devices will be a commercial-grade Linux platform that will include a Linux distribution, middleware, and mobile applications targeted to deliver rich Internet and media experiences. As part of this effort, Wind River will participate in and contribute code to, an open-source community project where Moblin-based technologies are developed.


FairCom has released its c-treeACE Express database engine that offers free, perpetual development rights. The c-treeACE SQL Server, the database server component of c-treeACE Express, can be used at no charge for personal and educational purposes by contacting FairCom to obtain a nondevelopment edition. The database engine supports ADO.NET, LINQ, C#, dbExpress, and PHP, and is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, HP-UX, Solaris, and AIX.

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