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Digite Adds Subversion Support to ALM Tool Suite

ALM vendor Digite has introduced out-of-the-box integration with Subversion in Version 5.2 of its Digite Enterprise. The Subversion Integration adaptor is offered as an add-on to Digite Enterprise. With this, Digite supports Subversion, CVS, and VSS out of the box.

Digite Enterprise is a fully-integrated web-based ALM suite of products for distributed technology teams and enterprises. It offers a collaborative set of tools from Requirements Management to Change Management, Test Management, Defects Tracking and Configuration Management, supported by Project Portfolio Management and Process Governance features that provide software and IT teams end-to-end visibility, traceability and project execution capability.

Already integrated with CVS and VSS, Digite Enterprise is now also integrated with the Subversion SCM tool. This integration provides seamless interface to Subversion artifacts directly from Digite's web UI. The tightly coupled integration between Digite and Subversion lets you manage relationships between configuration items and other project items. In Digite Enterprise, configuration items from Subversion can be associated with requirements, defects, change requests and even tasks, issues, documents and other project activities.

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