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Eclipse Riena 1.0 Now Available

The Eclipse Foundation has announced the 1.0 release of Eclipse Riena, a platform for developing multi-tier rich client applications based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) and Equinox. Riena provides a platform for building distributed enterprise applications that simplify the user interface development and the integration of back-end systems. Core to Riena is an OSGi-based Remote Services Component that allows developers to easily create distributed client/server applications.

Riena was established as an open source project within the Eclipse community in February 2008. The 1.0 release of Riena delivers a set of components based on Equinox and the Eclipse RCP. These components include:

  • Remote Services allows for the communication and coordination between OSGi-based components on a client and server, enabling truly distributed component deployment.
  • Riena User Interface and Navigation Components provide developers with the frameworks and building blocks that accelerate the development of the client user experience for business-centric applications.
  • Object Transaction allows developers to isolate the object level changes on a client application before communicating those changes to a server. This enables more efficient client/server communication and client rollback of changes.
  • Authentication and Authorization extend the Equinox Security model to allow for security in a distributed system.
  • Client Monitoring is a server component that tracks the status of each client in a distributed system.

"Riena 1.0 is a great example of innovative runtime technology that is being developed at Eclipse." said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. "Projects like Riena help support the growth of Equinox and Eclipse RCP as a solution for developing enterprise applications."

"We have already received extremely positive user feedback regarding Riena," commented Christian Campo, project group leader of Eclipse Riena and IT-consultant at compeople AG. "The availability of the first release will allow even more developers to use the Riena platform for their mission-critical business applications."

As a next step, the Riena project has joined the Galileo release train, a coordinated release of different Eclipse projects that is due June 2009. In addition, the second release of Riena is already in planning and will include enhanced features and components for the development of user interfaces and navigation.

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