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Effectiveness of Leadership Styles Survey: Please Participate

October 16, 2008

Every now and then, we're offered the opportunity to contribute to the body of knowledge called computer science, and it is especially important to contribute our perspctive in this time of rapid change. 

I have just heard of one such opportunity. Suzette S. Johnson is a doctoral student at the University of Maryland in the Graduate of Management and Technology school. Her dissertation topic is to study the examination of perceived effectiveness of leadership styles of managers and systems development methods (traditional or agile) on project success.

Suzette asked my help in asking you to contribute information as part of her dissertation. Her request is below. If you have the time and/or inclination, this seems like a good project to participate in. I'm sure Suzette would be grateful, and I suspect she will gladly share the results when available Here is the note she sent me:

 Software systems engineering practices have undergone a great deal of
change over the past decade. As a result, some projects are introducing
more agile and adaptive methods to their engineering practices. I am
currently conducting a study to examine the perceived effectiveness of
leadership style of functional managers in traditional, plan-driven and
agile environments. I am seeking to investigate whether the perceive
leadership styles for managers are the same or different in these

I would very much appreciate your contribution to this effort by
completing my survey.

This survey will run for approximately two weeks closing on November 3,

To show my appreciation to those who complete this survey, you will have
the chance to win one of three $50 Amazon gift certificates. See survey
for more details.

Please complete the survey by going to:
Suzette S. Johnson, Doctoral Candidate
Graduate School of Technology and Management
University of Maryland University College


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