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Enterprise Service Bus: Part 1

A Generic Service Model

In general, an SOA that utilize an ESB exposes a service as a proxy. As Figure 1 illustrates, communication from the client to the ESB or ESB to the business service can be over HTTP, JMS, SMTP, or FTP.

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Figure 1: ESB communication.

Vendor Selection Process

One way to determine which vendor(s) are appropriate for your organization is to know your Web services "system" Use Cases, such as:

  • The need for disparate data integration. Try Oracle Fusion Middleware, IBM Websphere ESB.

  • A high-performance, guaranteed delivery message integration backbone. See Tibco BusinessWorks, WebMethods Fabric, Sun/SeeBeyond, IBM Websphere, BEA AquaLogic.

  • A secure SOA infrastructure, including service monitoring, hub integration and business process reuse. Check out IBM Websphere and Tivoli, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Tibco Business Works, BEA AquaLogic.

  • A low-end, no-coding, configuration environment, an alternative to the custom, homegrown solution. See Sonic, Fiorano, Cape Clear.
  • A network services gateway for B2B, process orchestration and protocol brokering. Try IBM, Tibco, WebMethods, BEA.

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