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Free 'Scaling Rails' videos

February 10, 2009

Expert Rails developer and Final Cut Pro master Gregg Pollack informed me that he has a new, free Ruby on Rails screencast series focusing on scaling Rails.  Read on to find out where to freely download these superbly produced videos.
Regular Dobbs Codetalk readers already know how impressed I have been with Gregg's Envycast work.  Anyone serious about recording high quality technology tutorials should first take a look at Gregg's work to see how high the bar has been set for informative, technical and visually excellent screencasts.  Remarkably, Gregg has posted a free series of videos presenting the optimizations available to Rails developers to scale Rails for large web site traffic and transaction deployment.

As Gregg says, "If there were ever any thought in anyone's mind that Rails can't scale, I think these should put the "nail in the coffin" so to speak."  The free screencasts can be obtained at:

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