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Google is all over QC like flies on sugar

December 15, 2009

Google's not only watching your car for you, Google is all over quantum computing.

In pursuit of the ability to quickly recognize automobiles in a picture, Google has been dipping into QC. If money talks, infinity dollars sings chorale music in the cathedral and scat in the bazaar. Unsurprisingly then, those wascally wabbits at Google seem to making some progress.

If you have any interest in QC, see Machine Learning with Quantum Algorithms which in turn will lead you to:

You may want to stop by Wikipedia for Grover's Algorithm on the way, but only if you really want to understand the specific algorithmic attack they are taking. You can grok the basic computational model if you can read simple forms of  Bra-ket notation .

The juxtaposition of these readings will give your brain quite a bit to normalize on the topics of:

  • interpretation of the usefulness of quantum computing
  • assement of the correctness of the assumed underlying principles of quantum computing
  • evaluation of the DWaveSys hardware offering, named Chimera with no irony intended

In particular, the paper noted above Training a Large Scale Classifier with the Quantum Adiabatic Algorithm is the most lucid and working-programmer-accessible paper I've yet encountered on this or closely related topics.



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