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Great Jobs at CISCO

November 30, 2009

Hello! I am a recruiter at CISCO. We have a number of great jobopportunities at CISCO right now. Please take a look at the job links listedbelow and please send me an updated resume if you are interested.

Thanks in advance,

Brent Rogers

[email protected]






CISCO has a number of design jobs for professionals withexpertise in user experience, user interface, usability and interaction design


C++ Senior Software Engineer R850944



• Proficiency in C++

• Background in Linux or Unixproduct development

• Experience on RTF/HTML contentconversion

• Previous work on email(related) products or similarly complex engineering projects is a plus.


C++ SeniorSoftware Engineer R850174



• Proficiency in C++

• Background in Linux or Unixproduct development.

• • Previous work on email(related) server products or similarly complex server-side software projects ishighly desired.

• Work experience with TCP/IPprotocol implementations and TCP capture-assisted debugging is highly desired

• Familiarity with one or more ofthe following is highly desired: LDAP, DCE/RPC, TCP-based authentication and authorizationprotocols, HTTP, ActiveSync, MAPI, MIME


Senior Software Engineer – Cloud Synchronization Tools R850940



• Proficiency in Java, C++

• Strong background in softwaredevelopment of E-mail systems

• Previous work on E-mailmigration tools a definite plus

• Experience with emailprotocols, MAPI, RPC-HTTP

• Experience with Active Directoryor LDAP


Professional Service Engineer R849430



- Work with various teams inrolling out Cisco WebEx Mail service to customers

- Be the Active Directory,Microsoft Exchange and mail expert in the team

- Identify KPIs (key performanceindicators) of mail service and integrate into current set of monitoring toolsand processes

- Be a point person for ongoingoperations improvement

- He/she will be directlyinvolved with the resolution of issues that arise in the data center

- Work with DCO to continuallymove new SaaS mail products into production


Senior QA Engineer-Server R850941



• 3+ years hands-on experience asQA engineer

• Strong problem solving andanalytical skills

• Previous experience withtesting email systems is highly desirable

• Experience with designing andimplementing test tools is a plus

• Experience working with Bugzillaand Subversion is a plus


Senior Network Engineer R848777



*Experience (7+ years), no less than 5 years.
*Hands-on design, operation and support of large, high-availability, globalenterprise networks.
*Troubleshooting complex networks and applications.
* Hand on work with hardware.
*protocols: IP routing protocols including BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, IP Multicast,MPLS. Heavy routing protocols
* TCP/IP fundamentals (packet level analysis)
* Network protocols including TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, DNS, Mail
* Network infrastructure including LAN, WAN, routing, switching,load-balancing.
* Primarily a tech support position 24X77 on call rotations as needed.
* Not looking for a developer.


Solutions Architect R849774



* solutions architect - bug management - built or architected a systemwide tool - Java, high availability cluster, fault tolerance, SOA


Audio Quality Engineer R848779



Under supervision to design,trouble shooting, provision, deploy, and support the voice collaborationsolutions at WebEx and customer premises to solve churn and customersatisfaction problems that result from substandard voice quality.


Technical Leader II -PD Developer R850022 / R850023



1st Profile (ideal candidate)
* Unicast and/or multicast IP routing technologies
* Experience with Layer 3 protocols
* Experience with BGP, OSPF, EIGRP or any IP Routing. - (Enhanced InteriorGateway Routing Protocol, Open Shortest Path First, Border Gateway Protocol)
* Experience with one or more of the following: PIM, MLDP, MVPN or
generic multicast routing (Protocol-Independent Multicast, Mobile Data LinkProtocol, Multicast Virtual Private Network)
* C and/ or C++
* Clearcase
* Operating Systems expertise
* Experience leading large software project
* Experience leading a development team

2nd Profile (will also consider)
* C and/ or C++
* Layer 2 protocols (VPLS, PPP, VPDN etc)(Virtual private LAN service,Point-to-Point Protocol, Virtual Private Dialup Network)
* DNS - Domain name System
* Platform development


TestEngineer R850019



*8 to 10 yrs testing Layer 3 protocols
* Experience with BGP, OSPF, EIGRP or any IP Routing


Senior Technical Leader/Architect Engineering Tools R854771



Experience in developing web-based applications in an Enterpriseenvironment, including back-end and UI development experience.
Experience with web-related technologies including UML, XML, Web ServiceDevelopment and consumption, SOAP.

Programming: Java including Core Java, J2EE (JSP, Servlets, EJB), JMS/ Eclipseinternal development/ Spring/ HTML and JavaScript/ Web Applications (Struts aplus), AJAX, Flex
* Web services, SOAP, UDDI/ XML, XSLT, Xquery, XPATH/ IBM WebShpere, Apache,JBoss/ Build, Makefile and other related technologies/ Compiler and debuggerslanguage skills/ SCM: Clearcase, ACME, and others


Senior Manager Next Generation Engineering Tools R854772



* 8 to 12 years management
* Domain Knowledge & Good understanding of Web technologies & protocols(HTTP, SOAP, REST, MEST, TCP/IP) and Exposure to Web 2.0 (Pojo, AJAX, REST,MEST, SOAP Hybrid, Tuscany)
* Working experience with SOA architecture, design & architecture ofEnterprise applications, Software architecture & design methodologies
* Experience with cutting edge technologies such as Java, JEE, open source,JBoss, SOA, web services, XMl, EJB, JPA, JMS, JAX

* IOS tool chain     


ServiceOperations EngineerR848285



• Administrator
• Operations support
• Oracle, Redhat, CCNA/CCNP certifications a plus
• Apache web servers, databases, SQL
• Bea Web Logic and Tomcat servers
• 24/7 support environment


DBA Manager R848382



- DBA team management.

- DB infrastructure design andmaintenance

- Vendor management

- Database and related technologyevaluation and implementation.


Minimum Requirements:

- 7-10 years of work experience,including hands-on DBA experience in a production support environment

- 3-5 years of leadershipexperience

- Primary skill set: OracleDatabase

- Experience with Unix/Linux,MySQL, SQL/PLSQL, EMC, Shareplex preferred.


System Engineer/Architect R848470



Strong 7-10 years experience inC++, Java, J2EE application, server development design, back end server design,TCP/IP network stack, and math background is preferred.



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