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IBM LotusLive Offers Peace Pipe to Navajo Systems

Jerusalem-based Navajo Systems has announced that its Virtual Private SaaS (VPS) for the LotusLive cloud security solution has been added by IBM to its LotusLive "Integrated Apps" list. LotusLive iNotes is a described as a security-rich, web-based e-mail service that provides messaging and calendaring capabilities. Navajo's VPS for LotusLive is expected to provide enterprise-exclusive control over the encryption of remotely stored cloud data, consequently mitigating the data regulation restrictions which may apply to private data stored in the cloud.

Although LotusLive iNotes already offers enterprise-grade security in terms of data protection, user access and physical security — Navajo claims its VPS technology will provide an additional encryption layer in which the enterprise has full control over its sensitive data since it holds the encryption keys and is solely responsible for its data security. This provides an elevated level of assurance that regulated information or confidential customer data is never stored or processed outside the organization in readable form.

"We are proud that leading SaaS providers such as IBM LotusLive has recognized Navajo Systems as an important part of their cloud ecosystem," said Dan Gross, CEO of Navajo Systems. "LotusLive customers now have an elegant way to comply with any data-related regulations, which may apply to corporate data stored and processed in the cloud."

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