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Jolt Awards: Utilities

, July 24, 2012 The Jolt judges combed through more than 40 products to find the very best developer utilities. We now reveal the Jolt Award winner and the runners-up.
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Telestream Screenflow

Having used many different screen capture and recording (screencasting) products on a variety of operating systems, I find Telestream's Screenflow to be one of the easiest, most-intuitive to use. In addition to its excellent, built-in multilayer AV track editing tools (over 20 different 2D and 3D transition types, text/object callouts and overlays, resizes, cursor highlights, picture-in-picture, and much more), Screenflow's exported AV output is stunningly crisp. In my testing, rarely if ever have I seen an artifact, frame tear, or audio glitch, and the fact that you can export optimized video directly for posting to YouTube or Vimeo is icing on the screencasting cake. Screenflow on the Mac has become the Adobe InDesign of the screencast community for good reason — it's the best choice available on the Mac platform. And while it's too bad that Telestream hasn't ported their awesome utility to the Windows or Linux platforms, you can still use Screenflow to record Parallels or VMWare virtual machines of these operating systems running on the Mac. Telestream has made Screenflow available for purchase and download from their website or directly from Apple's Mac App Store.

— Mike Riley

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